About Us

Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli is an Italian family company dedicated to the production of acetate, viscose and polyester fabrics.
What started as lining company in 1947 has since grown and specialized over the last 30 years into the production of textiles for the tape industry, destined for the medical, automotive and label sectors, as well as for industrial use.


Expertise, reliability and human capital are what have made our fabrics known both at home and abroad.
We cultivate our regional textile tradition so we can export the quality and added value of “Made in Italy,” the result of an ancient culture.
We do business sustainably, so that our current use of resources does not affect negatively future generations.


We strive to continually contribute to our client’s development by offering the latest competencies and high-performance products for technical use. We aspire to create value over time for all those that work for us and with us.

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